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    Maxwell AFB, AL - Hospital

    The nearest major hospital to Maxwell Air Force Base is the Long Term Hospital of Montgomery which offers inpatient services as well as emergency room facilities. The hospital also provides intensive care services and surgical facilities. For more information about the hospital, call 334-240-0532.

    For daily healthcare needs, the Maxwell Air Force Base Clinic is an ambulatory healthcare center but does not service inpatients. It is strictly an outpatient facility that offers family practice, pediatrics and many other areas of expertise. For more information or to make an appointment at the Maxwell Air Force Base clinic, call 334-953-3368.

    42nd Medical Group
    The 42nd Medical Group provides quality, prevention-based healthcare anytime, anyplace! Their superbly trained, highly motivated, war-ready medics have a singular focus on 100 percent mission accomplishment.

    Medical and Dental Care
    Appointments 953-3368
    Dental Clinic 953-7822
    Flight Medicine 953-5273
    Immunizations 953-5731
    Mental Health 953-5430
    Optometry 953-3368
    Pharmacy 953-6868
    Physical Therapy 953-7987
    Podiatry 953-7825
    Referral Management 953-5200
    TRICARE Service Center (800) 444-5445